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Munny Making

Munny Making

Each of the Happy Enders have had a Munny sitting on their desk gathering cobwebs for the last few months, waiting for some inspiration before (gulp) actually committing to drawing on it. So we thought lets give everyone a kick up the bum and use them as our next creative Friday project.


As you know, we recently created some custom designed ales for the Happily Ever After Exhibition where we took three mythical creatures from around the world that fitted with the unique ingredients of the ales and designed a unique character for each label. So we had an idea, why not make these creatures the inspiration for our Munnys?

Beer_Labels_001-01 Beer_Labels_002-01 Beer_Labels_003-01

So we bought some Super Sculpey, some tools, paints and other bits and bobs and got to work…


Ross had to head out for a meeting so he and Maz shared a Munny. They blind picked the Kawataró River Child to focus on. He is a water demon from ancient Japanese folklore that inhabits rivers and lakes and devours disobedient little children. He has a hollow filled with water on top of his head and according to legend, the cavity must be kept wet when the Kappa ventures out of the water or he will lose his powers, so keep yourself topped up or you’ll end up dead, or worse…sober.

It has the aromatic full body of a tortoise, a sharp and spicy beak, and the limbs of a frog giving it that dash of hops.



They still need to add the hallowed crown on his head and maybe some webbed feet but he’s coming along nicely.

Dan chose the Popelick Railway Monster. There were moments where the fur resembled more of a combover and things got a little bit dark. Just standard she-Dan-igans really…


The Pope Lick Monster is a legendary creature reported to live beneath an East Kent Railway bridge. He has the mutant body of a man, the silky caramel coloured coat of a sheep and the strong hind legs of a goat which are guaranteed to give you that caffein kick.

He is believed to lure people onto the train track with it’s chocolatey aromas so don’t drink too many or you may feel like you’ve been hit by a train in the morning.

Here’s a progress pic of the horny bugger but without the added appendage.


José blind picked one of the most complicated creatures with Leshy the Forrest Lord, safe to say he had his work cut out for him just marking out all of the vines for his hair and beard but check out the finish on that nose and those eyebrows. A true a master craftsman!

A Leshy is a woodland spirit from Slavic legends which protects animals and forests. He is a tall creature who can change his size. He has hair and a beard made out of wheat and Amarillo vines,  a malted barley tail, citrus hooves, and zesty horns. His skin is pale and his eyes are lime green resulting in an incredibly drinkable Pale Ale with tonnes of aroma and flavour.

As a weapon he carries a club which packs a punch but he has no shadow so legend has it, he won’t give you a sore head in the morning (don’t hold us to that).


These two also came to hang out for the day and got quite creative themselves digging a massive hole in the garden…so proud!


Look out for phase 2 (the baking and painting phase). José may still be hand crafting each individual vine leaf until 2020 though…

Happy Ending Agency.