Fury Movie Poster

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Fury Movie Poster

Fury Movie Poster

One of the things on our wish list at Happy Ending Agency is to build up a collection of movie posters. It’s not always easy to squeeze in creative projects between other work commitments so we painted a chalk board in the studio to help keep us on track. We titled it ‘Work & Play’ (although most projects tend to dance the line between the two) we thought it was a nice little reminder as a lot of the time these ideas can get forgotten about in the day to day running of things but we should always be able to make some time with a little bit of juggling.

chalkboardThe idea is that everyone in the studio can write something up on the chalkboard that they want to do inbetween other projects. First up was a poster for the American war film ‘Fury’. The film stars Brad Pitt, Shai LaDouche and TANKS, lots of tanks, so we illustrated a beautiful poster with that at the forfront. The detail in the sky could be seen as flames, blood or just general moodyness. It also has a hint of a camouflage feel to it…


Ultimately it’s all about the illustration so we just used a simple type for the film title and copy.

We’ve included some awesome close up’s so that you can see the finer detail.


And here’s a picture of it next to some white pens and other minimalist stationary… pretty cool huh?

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