Nailed it

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Nailed it

Nailed it

It’s Friday Pieday so we decided to put it to good use and create a piece of artwork around a concept we are hoping to use for a future client. As this is still work in progress at the moment (and we would never want to ruin the big reveal) we can only show you a few sneak peeks taken on an iPhone, but watch this space…


While it was a super fun project we would never recommend hammering a large quantity of nails into an MDF board with a hangover from works drinks the night before. I think we all started to lose our minds a little bit, we realised this when conversations turned to working class spiders and double poling (don’t ask). There were also some interesting smells coming from the boys who continued to “blame it on the Papa”. The 12 inch Papa John’s from the night before I presume. It was very much a day of highs and lows but here are some close-ups of the highs.




These Papa’s definitely came with something but we’re not sure we’d describe that something as “rewards”…



Happy Ending Agency.