New Beginnings and Happy Endings


New Beginnings and Happy Endings

New Beginnings and Happy Endings

We moved into our very own studio space back in December and thought it was about time that we did a blog post about it! Although we were very sad to say goodbye to all of the friends that we made at The Trampery it was time for us to move onto pastures new.

As Ross wanted an excuse to buy a new drill he decided to build all of the furniture himself and declared, beating his chest, “let’s OSB the shit out of it!” and so we did.



He built a nifty little kitchen area to house our microwave and drinks fridge, with a spare desk attached for when freelancers and friends want to pop in and work from the studio. This was all designed by our designer Dan and we’re pretty pleased with the results.


We found some very cool legs by an American Kickstarter company called Floyd. They have a clamping mechanism and can attach to pretty much anything, so they can adapt and evolve with us as we grow as a company. Design genius.



We decided it was bout time that we treated our bootays to some comfy soft leather Eames inspired chairs which are an absolute dream to sit on!


Here’s our resident blogger Indyanna Bones enjoying the benefits while pretending not to be on social media…


We were lucky enough to find some reclaimed scaffolding boards from our local council who were selling them at £1.50 a meter and along with some Floyd shelving brackets, BOOM, new shelves bitches! Now we just need some nice vinyl toys to display on them…



To keep on top of up and coming projects we’ve painted ourselves a little chalkboard where we will list all things ‘work’ and ‘play’. We’re also incorporating a daily ‘happy hour’ to help us achieve more of our personal projects and new ideas.



There’s still a few more prints to hang on the walls to make it feel like home but its all starting to come together nicely.



A vinyl print and new rug should finish it off nicely.

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