Thread or Dead

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Thread or Dead

Thread or Dead

It’s taken us a while to write a post on this one as the beautiful photos we shot on the Canon 6D went AWOL (probably hiding out on Dan’s desktop) so we will just have to use a couple of Instagram pics instead…

It’s part deux of our nailathon (see previous ‘Nailed it’ post). What, you didn’t think we were going to leave this project as just a load of old nails in a piece of wood did you?! Oh no, we got lots of lovely cotton in a wide array of greens and blues so that we could thread a nice gradient through the type. It was a little fiddly, and some of the language turned as colourful as the thread but we got there in the end and the result is a beautiful thing, even if we do say so ourselves.

Here’s a couple of super close-ups to pleasure your eyes. They don’t call us happy ending for nothing.


As this is a concept piece for a brand we hope to work with in the future we can’t show the full piece at the moment but watch this space.



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Happy Ending Agency.