Art for Boobs


Art for Boobs

Art for Boobs

Last week was definitely a highlight for us at Happy Ending HQ as it was our Happily Ever After Exhibition! We’ve been planning it since early January so to see it finally come to fruition was a very proud moment. 24 artists from around the world gave up their precious time to illustrate posters based around the theme of folklore, fairy tales, myths and legends, the results of which are a very diverse selection of prints. Over 300 lovely people turned up to the preview evening on Thursday, which is incredible as we didn’t think our mums knew that many people! All framed pieces were sold out on the night, and all custom beers were drunk so I think it’s safe to say the exhibition was a success and everybody had a nice time but we still have a long way to go…


All proceeds are going to our friends at the breast cancer awareness charity CoppaFeel! so we need to sell as many prints as we can on the website in order to donate as much spondoolies to them as possible. Here is the link to the website, take a look and share it with your friends, they’re only £35.92 each for an A2 print and are on incredible paper stock from The Print Space. Framing is also available directly with them. Whether you’re a fan of The Grimm Tales, Studio Ghlibli or you prefer something a little more abstract there’s bound to be something to float your boat.



We would like to say a huge thanks to 71a gallery for all of their help with the set-up and on the night, it all went so smoothly and we can’t recommend them enough if you’re planning an exhibition or screening in the area.


Fist bump (with explosion) to The Print Space for sending each of our artists their own illustration as a special thank you for taking part, and also for introducing us to The Hub which allows you to set up your own online shop where they do all of the transactions and postage for you! What an absolute treat that has been.


Also, kudos to The Five Points Brewing Co in Hackney for offering us a sweat deal on our trio of ales AND allowing us to customise them with our own labels.


Gracias to La Trasteria in Barcelona for our beautiful letter pressed invites.


But obviously the biggest thanks goes to our 24 artists! You guys are awesome and without you this wouldn’t have been possible. Anyway we had better stop this before it turns into a reenactment of ‘that speech’ Gwyneth Paltrow did at the Oscars.


You can always count on Deena and Lucy to get their boob out at a party after a few beers! Sheesh!


We’ll just leave you with a video by Kris Hallenga the founder of CoppaFeel! as a reminder as to what this has all really been about. Check those boobs people!

Watch me now!




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